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Mission & History

The journalism and communication education of Xi'an Jiaotong University has been developing for 20 years. The School of Journalism and New Media, which is abbreviated as the School of New Media, was founded in April 2015. It was co-founded by Xi'an Jiaotong University and the Propaganda Department of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee. It is the earliest New Journalism school named after the new media in China as its direction of teaching and scientific research.

It has one primary Academic Masters degree program in journalism and communication (2011) and one Professional Master's degree program in journalism and communication (2010). Doctoral students were recruited in the direction of cultural communication in the doctoral program of Marxist theory in 2007, and were recruited in the direction of theory and practice of journalism and communication since 2010. In 2019, it was approved as a level II interdisciplinary doctoral program of "new media and social governance". In 2021, it began to recruit doctoral students independently. So far, a "undergraduate-Master-doctor" training system has been initially formed. The major of "network and new media" was rated as the provincial first-class major and the first-class major A+ of ShanghaiRanking's National Ranking of Academic Subjects, ranking fourth in the country; "New media and social governance" and "The Introduction of Communication" were rated as Provincial First-Class Courses.

There are 46 full-time teachers in our school, including 7 professors and 17 associate professors, 8 doctoral supervisors and 23 master's supervisors. It has one expert with special government allowances from the State Council, two national high-level talents, one national cultural master and "Four Batches" Talent (a talent project of the national propaganda and cultural system), two members of the Ministry of Education's Education Advisory Committee, one famous teacher of network education in colleges and universities of the Ministry of Education, one new century outstanding talent of the Ministry of Education, one leading talent in the fields of philosophy/social sciences/culture/art in Shaanxi Province, one outstanding young talent in provincial colleges and universities in Shannxi Province, one innovation team of "San Qin Scholars" in Shaanxi Province, one new type of think tank in Shaanxi colleges and universities, one school leading scholar, three young top talents. There are more than 30 standing members, vice-chairmen and directors of various research societies and associations.

The school takes the overall guiding ideology of playing the Engineering brand and highlighting cross-cutting characteristics, guided by major national and local needs, aiming at first-class disciplines. The wide platform, large project, professional team, and great achievement is the starting point. This school is developing with the support of disciplines such as news communication and public opinion guidance, new media and social governance, big data and network public opinion, data news and computing communication, the school has continuously broadened new fields of research in government social media, intelligent media interaction, international communication, etc., forming characteristic scientific research advantages. This school has six provincial research bases and one smart learning workshop, such as Shaanxi Provincial Public Opinion Information Work Innovation Center, Shaanxi Provincial Network Public Opinion Research Base, China (Shaanxi) Radio and Television Media Integration Innovation Center, one new media innovation application and brand building laboratory with State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company, and one New Media Innovation Studio with Shaanxi Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. Since its establishment, the school has been approved for more than 300 scientific research projects, including major projects of the National Social Science Foundation and major projects of philosophy and social science research of the Ministry of Education, published more than 20 research results in high-level top journals at home and abroad, and undertaken sub-projects of the National Key Research and Development Program and the Key Science and Technology Platform of Shaanxi Province.

Adhering to the idea of integration of government, industry, education and research, the school of journalism and new media provides social services for all walks of life. It has built more than 30 talent training bases, teaching practice bases, and industry-university-research cooperation bases with units, such as Shaanxi Branch of People's Daily, Beijing Qingbo Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., China Science Daily, Shaanxi Science and Technology Views, Tencent Daqin Network, and Yan'an news Memorial. It has been approved 10 industry-education cooperation collaborative education projects of the Ministry of Education and 3 employment education projects of the Ministry of Education.

The school actively provides think tank consultation for all sectors of society, especially government departments, and the results have been approved by national, provincial and ministerial leaders for many times. In 2018, it jointly built a New Media Talent Evaluation Center with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, trained more than 300 times for enterprises and institutions across the country, covering more than 20,000 people. And it successively participated in the formulation of the 14th Five-Year Development Plan of 15 publicity, internet information and cultural tourism departments in five provinces.

The school holds more than 60 lectures high-level domestic and foreign academic conferences every year, including the Annual Conference on Media Economics and Management in China, the Summit Forum on the Construction and Discipline Development of Network and New Media Majors, the Thematic Forum on International Publication of Chinese Journalism and Communication, the China Data Journalism Competition - and Data Journalism Education Development Summit Forum, the Seminar on the Innovative Development of Government Social  Media, the Media and Social Thought Communication Forum, the News Communication under the Interdisciplinary Perspective Summit Forum, and the “‘The Belt and Road Initiative International Communication Capacity Building Forum, etc. Besides, the Xinxin forum has been established for more than 60 times and has had a wide impact nationwide.

Since the new media technology and the information dissemination are changing constantly, new media talents need to step up, and journalism communication theories and ideas need to keep pace with the times. Inheriting XJTU’s tradition of innovative and open education, we strive to create a trinity of academic research, policy consultation and technical support, a teaching and research highland, a new knowledge and new thinking platform, and a high-end innovative think tank, so as to serve the national and local economic and social development and promote the development of journalism communication and new media industry, education and research.

School of Journalism and New Media, Xi'an Jiaotong University

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