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Journalism and Communication Research Institute
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The Journalism and Communication Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) was established in November 2008. It is a new type of interdisciplinary, interinstitutional and open scientific research organization directly under the university. The Institute draws on the disciplines of journalism, communication, planning, management, sociology, economics, etc., and studies from the perspectives of communication phenomena and behaviors, the law of communication activities development, communication and people, communication and media, communication and society. Further, the Institute is devoted to resolving the practice of journalism and communication proposed by government departments, enterprises, institutions, media organizations and scientific research institutes, as well as the theoretical and practical problems closely related to image publicity, brand planning, marketing management, corporate culture shaping and media response, and helping to put forward practical solutions. In addition to undertaking scientific research tasks from government departments, the Institute also actively undertakes social services, participates in relevant business of Journalism Office and Cyberspace Administration of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, and cooperates with Shaanxi Provincial Communication Society to carry out enterprise communication research.

The Institute have gathered a high-level research team with excellent moral character, sensitive thinking, good style of study, sincere unity, reasonable discipline structure and good ability on practical problems solving. More than 20 full-time and part-time researchers, who come from universities, government departments, media organizations, enterprises and institutions, are employed to undertake research tasks in different directions. At present, it takes public opinion guidance and new media development as main research fields, and is committed to organic combination of the two. In recent years, on the basis of fully combining the advantages of interdisciplinary management in XJTU, focusing on personnel training, frontier hot theoretical research and serving the development of local media industry, the Institute have undertaken more than 20 national and provincial-level projects, published more than 10 textbooks and monographs, published more than 100 papers (more than 50 were in core journals), and won several state and province level awards for many years.

The Institute has been conducting in-depth study of the generating mechanism, dissemination mode, monitoring system, governance system, guidance mechanism of Weibo public opinion and the relationship between social media and political openness, political participation, political coordination and political rehabilitation, as well as the collation of network dissemination cases and the release of analysis reports in Shaanxi Province. Based on this, the Institute has achieved abundant research results in the field of public opinion guidance of new media, especially social media, and most of which have received great attention and adoption from relevant departments of Shaanxi Province.

The Institute is the main body of the research on journalism and communication in XJTU, which actively serves the society and has a border social influences. It has become an important institute for the study of journalism, communication, editing and publishing in Shaanxi Province.

Journalism and Communication Research Institute of XJTU is looking forward to your joining!

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